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a love letter,  never too late

The career of Miss Lee Morse has largely been forgotten by time.  And yet, her spirit, humor and whimsy have been permanently recorded for all of eternity.

Her life, defined by both song and sorrow, was much too brief. This website will endeavor to reach back into her past and embrace her memory -and to preserve it for all generations to follow.

I am personally in great debt to Lee.   Her singing voice has tickled my psyche for years and has added immeasurable richness to my life.  She was a forgotten flower never pressed into any book.

I hope this site will do just that and serve to repay my debt in full.


Ian House

i've got five dollars

Until 1989, I had never heard of Lee Morse.   Then,  I purchased what seemed to be just another nondescript cd complilation of songs from the Great Depression called "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" (CDD 486)

It was the 6th song on that cd, "I've Got Five Dollars", that introduced me to Lee who I now consider to be the finest female vocalist ever recorded.

For more than a decade to follow and before she had any presence on the internet, "I've Got Five Dollars" was the only Lee Morse song available to me.  Today, it remains as my favorite!

Click here to listen to "I've Got Five Dollars"